Personal~Organizing Messy, Tangled Electrical Cords

Electrical wires and cords are my worst nightmare. I don't even like looking behind our television because I know they are all in one big tangled bunch just laughing at me cause I can't do anything about it. And, the one time I actually tried to tame that tangled mess, I ended up screwing up something on the TV and it took my husband about an hour to figure out what I did :) Oopsy. So even though I haven't figured out the solution to the tangled mess behind the TV I did figure out the disaster that lurks underneath the TV.
Messy Entertainment Center Photo
My cluttered entertainment center

Now it doesn't look too too terrible, but it sure doesn't look attractive by any means. But, what lurks within the basket is this jumbled mess of wires and cords.
Messy Wires and Cords Photo

I just couldn't take it anymore, so I came up with an idea that I actually figured out on my own and NOT Pinterest!! Wahoo!! Go Me!!! I always steal my house organization tips from Pinterest, but not this time! I decided to take the huge rubber band ball that my husband was so excited that he found about 4 years ago and actually put it to some good use in helping me organize these cords. And, that's exactly what I did.

Organized Cords using rubber bands photo
My beautifully organized drawer. 
Isn't it just beautiful?! I mean I love it and, the best part is I came up with the idea on my own! All you have to do is wrap up each cord and put a rubber band around it and bam you have yourself some organized wires. Can you tell I'm pretty proud of myself? lol Now I can enjoy watching TV and not having to look at what lies beneath the entertainment center. I also did this little trick with all of the cords in my desk as well. 
Clean entertainment center
The end result. A beautifully organized entertainment center.

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