What do I wear to my family photo shoot?

 This seems to be the question most of my clients ask before their session with me. If you think about it, picking out clothes not only for yourself, but also for the rest of your family can be a really big deal. And it’s not like those photos are going to remain on your computer for no one to see. Or at least I hope not! No, these photos will be shared via social networking, with family members, and most importantly they will be displayed in your home. Therefore, my answers to this important question are: (1) wear colors you love, (2) have each person wear a different color and, (3) my favorite, wear colors that are part of your home’s decor. 

This family followed the rules and are still loving their photos because of it.

First, wear a color that you love. You probably frequently wear your favorite color anyway, so why dress differently for photos that you will look at every day? Your photos are going to be around for a while and you want to look your best, even if you choose that red top you wear to every event. Also, there is no rule that you have to buy a new wardrobe just for family photos. You are already spending enough on the actually photo shoot itself. No need to break the bank even more. Which leads me back to wearing that favorite red top of yours and coordinating your family’s photos around it. Or coordinating around the pair of leopard print shoes you bought last fall and haven’t yet had a chance to wear. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will love your photos when you feel comfortable in the clothes and colors you are wearing. 

This family chose to stick with a beautiful, classic blue palette.

Next and very important, wear a different colored shirt from those worn by the rest of your family. Wearing the same color will make you all blend in with each other—too matchy­matchy—and will keep your photo from being very interesting. Wear a color that will make the photo pop, which means it will be one that flatters you, and then put your family in different coordinating colors from your color palette.

This mom is laying down while holding up her baby and giving her a big kiss at the  Botanic Gardens.
This mother/daughter duo did a great job of wearing colors that made the photo pop and look absolutely stunning.

Again, look at how a great color choice can make the photo pop. Finally, wear colors that are part of your home’s d├ęcor. This rule goes hand in hand with my rule on wearing colors you love. Your home should already be filled with colors you love, so why not wear those colors in your upcoming photo shoot? For example, this next family’s home is decorated with fall colors and has a Texas country theme, so they decided to wear cowboy boots and those beautiful rich colors we see mostly in the fall. 

Family of 4 sitting on a bridge wearing cowboy boots.
This family chose a more western/traditional theme for their photos to match the decor in their home.
Would it make sense for them to wear brightly colored clothes with yellows, purples, pinks, etc.? No, not at all. These colors would make the photo look out of place in a frame on a table or hanging on a wall in their rustic­styled living room. So the next time you ask yourself, “What do I wear to my photo shoot?” follow these rules and you will be more than satisfied with the final outcome. 

Written by: Deborah Lea Photography

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